Become an Ikon Model

Since 1996 we have been specializing in  Commercial Print / Lifstyle Advertising.  As well as Beauty & Fashion Campaigns.  We book National Commercials. We represents all ages from children to seniors. We do not require that you have a professional portfolio or composite cards, however, we do request that you take self photos with  your  phone, snapshots/ Digitals  to give us an accurate idea of what you look like.If you have professional images you can send them as well. These pictures may be submitted to our agency via email,this is prefered ( If you are sending Multiple & or large images please use to send them to this email address.

You can also send them by regular mail to IKON  PO Box 586, Califon, NJ 07830. You should send atleast one (1) clear head shot and one (1) clear body shot. Wear something form  fitting so  we can see your body type. Include your  phone number and  location. Be sure to include your name & basic measurements  with your photos. Must include your age-DOB.Female ADULT include height, bust, waist, hips, clothes size and shoe size. Also hair and eye color. If you are male, your measurements must include your height, suite jacket size, waist, shirt size and inseam, also shoe size and hair color and eye color. Also include your age/date of Birth. Adults please note any tattoos, scars, or piercings. For Children please also  include clothes size, shoe size, height in inches & feet-inches hair and eye color and contact names and information for parents. Please make sure you include name,email address , phone number and address. Location is important.Photos that are mailed will not be returned to you.You will only be contacted if Ikon is interested in representing you and we  feel we can get you work. Thank you so much for your interest in Ikon. Have a Blessed Day


Examples of Self Digital Photos to Send


Example for 3/4th shot.
Nice form fitting clothing.


See face clearly. Light, soft makeup.
Showing hair.


Full length snapshot. Plain background.
Just a light wall works also.


Outdoor lighting works well.
In nature, not much going
on in the background.

Kids: Name, height in inches,
age, DOB, clothing size,
shoe size, hair, eye color

Show off those pearly whites.
We need to see your teeth if you
have a great smile. And personality.
Show it to us!

Have a great feature?
Show us your abs, legs, smile, etc.