WARNING!!! IKON NY does not scout or contact people over the internet, not on YouTube or any other site. The only way we take submissions is when you email info@ikonmodels.com (please see the Become A Model tab on this site). The only way we would contact you about an open-call meeting is if you had submitted your photos directly to our email address first. Please do not be fooled by anyone contacting you who says they work for IKON, they are absolutely not part of this company! Please report such unauthorized solicitations to: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx.

Ikon New York and Ikon Los Angles Model Management can only be contacted through our emails and contact phone number that you see here on this site. If you see any additional websites they are not affiliated with us the original Ikon Model Mangement established in 1996. Over the last few years there are several agencies calling themselves IKON that are not affiliated with us.There is one in LA one ,One in Florida also Australia and One in England. We pride ourselves on our integrity and we can only be sure that it stand with our company.Look for the Ikon model Management logo you see here!


Since 1996 we have been specializing in Beauty Campaigns,Commercial Print Adverting and Fashion as well as TV Commercials. Our Commercial Print Department represents all ages from children to seniors. We do not require that you have a professional portfolio or composite cards; however, we do request that you take Polaroid's or snapshots to give us an accurate idea of what you look like. These pictures may be submitted to our agency via email prefered (info@ikonmodels.com) or by regular mail to IKON NEW YORK PO Box 586, Califon, NJ 07830. You should send at least one (1) clear head shot and one (1) clear body shot. Your head shot should clearly show your entire face, and your body shot should give us a good idea of your build and body type. We suggest that women wear a swimsuit and men a swimsuit or boxer shorts or some thing form fitting to compliment your shape so we can see your body type. Please DO NOT send any nude photographs. The pictures do not have to be professionally taken. Be sure to include your basic measurements with your photos. If you are female, your measurements must include your age, height, bust, waist, hips, clothes size and shoe size. Also hair and eye color. If you are male, your measurements must include your height, suite jacket size, waist, shirt size and inseam, also shoe size and hair color and eye color. Also include your date of Birth.For Children please also include DOB, and clothes size, shoe size, height in inches hair and eye color and contact names of parents. Please make sure you include name,email address age, phone number and address. Photos that are mailed will not be returned to you.You will only be contacted if Ikon is interested in representing you having you.

Ikon Model Management does not have open calls.We only meet with people that have submitted their photos directly to us via email or mailed their photos first.